Full Steam Ahead…

I saw the Titanic.  I know the story.  There *might* be icebergs, the captain chugs along anyhow, and they hit one.  They all go down.  I just pray my story ends differently.  I feel like we are speeding along in icebergy waters right now.  Honestly, this is just so me.

Stage 1: Bored.  Need things to do to keep me busy.

Stage 2: Find activities to commit to.  Being bored is fresh on the brain so commit, commit, commit.  Sign onto every living breathing project that is passed my way.

Stage 3: Gasp.  Overwhelmed.  Juggling a LOT of plates and some are very pretty and fragile and I can NOT break them but oh my GOSH – I forgot that I told a few other people I’d help them out with their plates too so add them in!  And all of a sudden I am precariously close to losing every last plate in the air because there are more plates than I can count.  How did this happen???

Stage 4: Start to pray.  “Oh God, let the plates not crash.  Oh God, take the plates away. Oh God, help me say no to plates.  Oh God, I promise NO MORE PLATES EVER!!!!!!!!!”

Stage 5: Miraculously, the plates one by one disappear.  I have no idea but it’s like they all just get plucked away from the juggler and all of a sudden I am just holding 2 plates.  No need to even juggle. And I HUG the plates and I LOVE the plates and I swear to the plates that I will NEVER EVER EVER juggle again and we will all move away to a small city in Mexico where no one can find us and NO ONE there will know I juggle plates.  We will tell NO ONE.

Stage 6:  In the quiet moments of starting to plan our Mexican retreat, I find myself a bit bored. Kids are at school, Brian is at work, and I think about how much fun it might be to juggle.  Just a tiny bit…



I am sick.  I am seriously sick.

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