Thank You

I wrote this last night… Wasn’t planning on showing anyone but felt brave and showed Brian.  Then I showed my mom and sisters.  And they said I had to publish it.  Like all posts, I am scared to put it out there.  🙂  Here goes anyway…

~Thank You~

to my babies.

you are my everything.

when you fall, i am down.

when you cry, i break.

when you suffer, i am lost.

and when you smile, i rise up.

when you laugh, i know heaven.

when you love, heaven breathes on me.


to my best friend.

because of you, i live.

my better half.

my calm and smooth.

when i crash, you hold me.

when i lose my way, you carry me.

we laugh.

we live.



to my best friends.

who know me

the real me.

see in me what i hope to be.

know the sins i carry.

speak with me as a friend.

allow me

to be



and to my family.

at the beginning

you held me.

you showed me





more love.

i am the lucky one.


and my enemies.

i’m grateful.

i hope

i learn

come to understand

show my sorrow

for trespasses grieved.

i pray

love flows

even after

the hurt.


my creator.

you breathed me

into this.

you give me

all good things.

even the pain

is a good thing.


from your hand.



6 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Lisa, where are you and how are you? Have you become a famous author of children’s books and I missed it? I have missed your postings on FB. I’m not on it as often so didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d seen a posting from you. FB actually becomes a little tedious at times with much silly stuff. But who am I to judge “silly”!!! I did remember Sundrop Girl but was disappointed not to read a more recent post. Hope you and your family are well. Blessings, Barbara Salavarria

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