I remember my sister doing a photo shoot a few years ago.  She was over the top excited about “what the stork brought” to her family and took some special pictures to commemorate the occasion.  Reading her blog up until the part where the pictures were actually inserted, we all figured she had gotten a puppy or better yet, was expecting another Tripple Junior.  But oh no, Amy had us all fooled… Lo and behold, the baby…


And so in the same spirit, I want to extend a warm welcome to the two new besties that entered my humble little world today.  Two friends who, upon sizing me up, probably thought there was some mistake.  We aren’t a likely three-some, to be certain.  Back in my 20’s it would have been a natural fit, but a 35 year old who has her fair share of battle wounds and has endured childbirth, namely an extra 50 pounds that keep hanging around – Well, we don’t exactly look like a match made in heaven.  It’s like the chess club president walking up and asking out the head cheerleader.  But I can see past the initial awkward moments…  True friendships take time, and when that special bond of trust DOES develop, it runs so deep there’s not a thing in the world that can tear it apart.  And so, I present…

photo2(Brooks Ravenna 4)

Welcome, little ladies.  I am so proud of you already, girls.  I love looking at you and knowing that you are going to help me get where I’m going, on so many levels.  I’ve had many others in my lifetime, and each time I join forces with a pair of running shoes, all seems right with the world.   I always end up feeling emotionally attached to my running shoes.  We’re on the same team, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into these relationships.  I remember the first time I had a pair of running shoes that I took with me to Virginia.  I was 15 years old and a Saturday afternoon run that started out quite ordinary ended up becoming something exceptional.  That day, in the middle of a place that was completely foreign to me, I was overcome by audacious bravery… I trespassed along a millionaire’s breathtaking Potomac River front acreage, I ran until I had no idea where I was, and I turned left and right so many times in an effort to get back that I wondered if I would ever find my grandpa’s house again.  For someone who had always followed the rules, it was AWESOME!  And, when we got home to Chicago a few days later and I strapped on the same running shoes, I loved that they alone knew the sacred secrets of our adventures together.  Different pairs of shoes have traveled so many memorable places with me… The beaches of Florida, the quiet country roads leading into Del Rio, Texas, up and down the rolling hills of Wisconsin, around a sleepy Brazilian farm town, and through tranquil beach towns in Michigan.  Each pair leads me to places that radiate undiscovered beauty.  In addition, each pair has faithfully carried me through sorrows.  As a college student, it was my sweet shoes that led me down the Fullersburg trail along the Salt Creek River as I sobbed, broken hearted that my grandpa had passed away much too soon.  My running shoes carried me through boyfriend breakups, job searches, and moments of loneliness when I lived 1000 miles away from my family.  And I can’t imagine that this new pair of shoes will be any different.  We will go places, see things, and experience moments in time that I can’t quite put into words.  Just those moments.  And I already love my shoes for it.  So welcome, ladies.  Let’s get this party started…


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  1. You, my sister, have a way of writing that goes straight to my heart. I cannot WAIT to see where these shoes take you!!! You GO GIRL!!!

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